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Palliative Care

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About our services

A specialist psychology service is available, as part of the Community Palliative Care Team based at the Marie Curie Hospice, Leeds Road, for patients, relatives and staff in community settings. We work together with a multi-disciplinary team to offer holistic care for people with both cancer and non-cancer diagnoses.

We are also able to offer a limited service to patients and staff in other settings - for example, if this will assist in discharge from hospital or hospice.

We work closely with all staff providing palliative care and together we aim to ensure that patients are directed to professionals or services that are best able to meet their needs. As such we may refer patients to others and will accept referrals from other service areas.


Referrals should be made on the Community Palliative Care Teams standard referral form which is available from the teams secretary on the contact details below:

Reasons for referral

  • Low mood or depression
  • Anxiety, fear or panic states
  • Anger, aggression
  • Body image changes
  • Adjustment to illness or disability
  • Grief, loss or bereavement issues
  • Relationship difficulties

What we offer:

  • Consultation for staff who may be considering whether to make a referral
  • Assessment
  • A range of psychological therapies
  • Consultation and supervision for staff on psychological issues
  • Teaching and training

Where we will see people:

We are able to see people as out-patients at Marie Curie Hospice, in their own homes, nursing homes, and as inpatients at the hospice.

For more information contact:

Community Palliative Care Team

Marie Curie Hospice

Maudsley St


01274 323511
Fax: 01274 323509

This website provides details about all palliative care services available in Bradford and Airedale.

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